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Who we are and what services we deliver


Our core focus is software, we write communication layers (APIs) for management software and CRM / ERP solutions. This includes but is not limited to: Android apps, IOS apps, Linux applications, Windows applications and Webapps. There are no examples of this in our portfolio, because we don't disclose any information about our customers.


We consult on communication between software, writing software and researching new technologies for your company. We have experience and certificates in multiple languages, but our core focus for software remains Python. We are available for consulting on the following languages: Python, PHP, C#, Java and Javascript.


We are able to design your corporate Identity. Building websites and setting up web-shops and web-apps is something we do regularly. You can find a few examples of this in our Portfolio.  


Some of our projects


CMS built using Django


The amazing people behind our success

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Evert Arends

Co-owner and software developer.

Evert Arends

Hi, I am the handsome fellow in the picture and I'm a developer. I'm the communcation manager and developer for BitHopper. I love Python, open-source and everything around it's ecosystem.

If you would like to contact me: +31623589150

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Ard-Jan Aalberts

Co-owner and software developer

Ard-Jan Aalberts

Hi, I am the smooth guy in the picture. I'm software developer and the administrative manager of BitHopper. I love learning new techniques and languages to better myself and expand my knowledge for our customers. 


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Evert Arends

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  • Address:
  • Tielsestraat 85B
  • 4043 JR Opheusden
  • The Netherlands
  • Contact:
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Phone number: +316 23589150
  • At no answer: +316 27901613